About FoxGlove Security

FoxGlove Security is a top-tier team of information security professionals. Our team specializes in high end penetration testing and red teaming scenarios, simulating the actions of real, advanced attackers. Unlike many competitors, our assessment doesn’t stop when access is obtained. We simulate the actions of an attacker attempting to persist in your network, going after your critical assets and data. This allows for a thorough assessment of all IT security controls and how they work (or fail to work) together. It’s impossible to ensure 100% protection of every system in your network, but crucial to be able to respond to a breach quickly and effectively – this is what we provide above and beyond a traditional penetration test.

Our research and development projects are inspired by experience from the trenches. The tools, techniques, and exploits presented on this blog provide a view into how we perform assessments. Whether it involves developing a new tool to deal with a unique environment, or finding 0-day vulnerabilities in custom or off-the-shelf software, our team will do whatever it takes to get in and remain undetected.

If you’re interested in more information, or would like to leverage our team for an assessment or other information security project, contact us at:

jstnkndy@gmail.com – @jstnkndy
breenmachine@gmail.com – @breenmachine