The Team

Justin Kennedy – @jstnkndy

Justin Kennedy is a Research Consulting Director at Atredis Partners . By day, he performs penetration testing and red teaming for organizations in all verticals, by night he participates in bug bounties and performs research. Justin’s background includes systems administration, network defense, and being mischievous. When he’s not popping boxes and rolling networks, you can often find him being a coffee and beer snob.

Stephen Breen – @breenmachine

Stephen Breen is a Principal Research Consultant at Atredis Partners. His time is split between delivering high end penetration testing engagements and R&D that is inspired by real-world experience.

Stephen has been dabbling in infosec before it was called infosec, ever since his Windows 95 machine was DoS’d by an IRC skiddie using the “Ping of Death”. On paper, he has an academic and development background, with a Masters in CS at McGill University and performed development and operations roles before getting into the security industry. Outside of work he is a freediving instructor with

Brandon Edmunds – @awhitehatter

Brandon Edmunds is a Senior Security Engineer. Brandon dabbles in a wide array security services supported by his background in Information Security, systems administration and a simple curiosity. Brandon thrives on learning about new technologies and new ways to help his clients succeed in day-to-day operations. When not breaking things, Brandon spends his time with his wife and gaggle of children, growing out a magnificent beard, fishing or hiking, and eating cheeseburgers.

Brandon Perry – @brandonprry

Brandon Perry is a Principal Research Consultant at Atredis Partners. Brandon started his career in information security as a technician removing viruses and fixing computers during high school. After exploring how the malware worked by exploiting various vulnerabilities, his software development skills kicked in and he began writing modules and code for the Metasploit project.

Coming from a software engineering background, mostly working with web application technologies, it was natural for Brandon to work closely with software development teams across a wider spectrum of technologies in order to ensure the integrity and security of the software being built and deployed.